Q: Am I under contract?
No! You are not and that means that there are no break fees with PowerEdge

Q: Will I get my Vector dividend?
Yes! You will still get your dividend when switching to Power Edge

Q: Why do I need a smart meter?
This gives us the ability of remote meter reading, which is in accordance with electricity industry standards and codes of practice for meter readings.

Q: Will my power be cut off?
No! The transition is seamless, you will not notice a thing

Q: Who Buys my Solar Power?
We do! We will purchase your Solar Power for at least 12 cent per kWh

Q: If there is a fault?
Check your lines company outages, if more information is needed please feel free to email us.

Q: What is the electricity levy?
That is the fee the lines company charge for you to be using their lines

Q: Why is there a separate charge for meters?
There is a cost of running smart meters, this gives the ability of reading them anywhere across country.