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20c power export rates!

Ethical Power – Power Packages for Renewable Energy Sources.

Why customers choose Power Edge


Power Edge offers customers total transparency when it comes to
ensuring their renewable energy retail concerns are met.

By utilising green energy sources and offering beneficial remuneration, we help to combat climate change and earn you money at the same time.

When you choose Power Edge, you are guaranteed more than just the best deal for your 100% renewable energy at the best price:

  • No minimum term length of commitment
  • You can take your Power Edge plan with you if you move house
  • You can arrange your switch or update your address details online
  • Fully automated and secure integrated process
100% NZ Owned and Operated!

Introducing New Plan: Power Shield

  • 20c per kWh Export Payback.
  • Fixed for 5 years!

We offer the “best buy back” rates

You have already invested in renewable energy and you deserve more.
If your current power retailer is offering you less than our standard buy back rates, this might not work to your advantage.

This is why Power Edge works hard to offer beneficial buy back rates for our customers.
We want your energy and want our customers to be happy with the best buy back rates on the market!

  • Current open plan buy back rates for solar customers is 14.37c per kWh incl GST
  • Current buy back rates for wind turbine customers is 14.37c per kWh incl GST
  • Current buy back rates for bio energy customers is 16.10c per kWh incl GST
  • Power Shield buy back rates for residential customers is 20c per kWh incl GST

Free smart metering upgrade


For best results, Power Edge upgrades the metering at your residence for free*.
Most commercial metering can be upgraded at no extra cost as well.
* excluding counties networks

Add a Power Edge optimised grid interface to your residential or commercial premises, and get the following:

  • The best plan customised for your current situation with the ability to update it at any time.
  • A choice of low usage; solar commercial; battery plan.
    Real time reconciliation (while 4G is available).
Group Power - Win Win

Real Group Power


Our goal is to build a truly sustainable, renewable energy trading business that will benefit all of our customers, employees, and investors in the short and the long term. One way of achieving that is creating real Group Power or Communal Network.
If you have multiple connections to the grid or deal with multiple dwellings connected to the grid, please contact us and ask about our Communal Network and Power Sharing opportunities.
Group Power and Power Edge metering services are also available for large off grid installations.

Want to know if your situation qualifies for Group Power? Please contact us to find out more

100% NZ Owned and Operated!

Power Edge:

100% renewable energy & 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

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  • NO hassle
  • NO fixed contract
  • NO minimum term
  • NO exit fee

Learn about our new plan: Power Shield

5 Years  Price Protection

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    Power Edge means Ethical Power

    Fair and transparent rates for renewable energy generators.

    Power Packages for Renewable Energy Customers

    With the diverse range of energy resources available in the world today, we are fortunate to live in a country that prioritises the best of them.

    Certain energy resources can produce very different – and possibly harmful – environmental impacts.

    Power generation is the number one cause of air pollution in the world today. Despite New Zealand being in a fortunate position with an abundant of renewable resources; we still have a way to go to achieve 100% renewable by 2030.

    Fortunately, electricity generated from renewable resources such as: hydro power, solar power, geothermal power, biomass, and wind, has proven to be an attractive energy choice for New Zealand electricity consumers. For anyone wanting to diversify their energy supply in order to reduce their environmental impact, renewable energy power suppliers – Power Edge – are here to help and can improve your return on investment of both existing projects and projects in the feasibility stages.

    A wide range of organisations purchase only green power.

    It enhances their reputation and contributes to their triple bottom line.

    Power Edge is the ideal partner, with a whide range of successful implementation of energy management planning by utilising the following:

    • Energy efficiency
    • Load management
    • Power generation
    • Power purchases
    • Energy assessment
    • Return on investment assessment

    If you would like to become part of the Power Edge move to renewable energy today, please contact us.

    Power Edge – Committed to giving you the best deal all year round for the energy you generate.

    We want to get things right. If you have a concern, give us a call or chat with the team. If we’re unable to resolve things, you can contact the independent Utilities Dispute team on 0800 223 340 or visit

    Are you on the right energy plan? Give us a call or chat with the team, or check out Powerswitch, a free and independent energy plan comparison site. Go to NOTE: power export cannot be compared