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Ethical Power - Power Packages for Renewable Energy Sources.

It all started when we, the PowerEdge founders, were running our own solar energy business way back in 1995. 

We saw the future of solar power then and today, we like to think PowerEdge represents the best power packages for renewable energy generating customers.

The motivation for establishing PowerEdge was simple: Offer better packages for our renewable power generating customers in these categories –

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Micro-hydro
  • Bioenergy

It wasn’t always easy to turn things around to benefit the customer. We saw that even after investing significant amounts of their own money into renewable energy, some customers were only being offered 7 – 8 cents to export their power to the grid. Some line companies even began imposing ‘solar tax’ and forcing their customers to pay for metering equipment upgrades!

We saw these practices as unacceptable, and this is what motivated PowerEdge to change the game in the customers’ favour.

As a Tier-One supplier, we trade the power directly with the market. We purchase and on-sell the power to our customers at low rates, but we buy power from our renewable energy customers at the best possible rates – guaranteed.


Our Vision

  • Complement current traditional power generation and distribution methods
  • Create innovative, sustainable and cost effective renewable energy solutions for our partners
  • Ensure 100% of our power is generated in a responsible and sustainable way
  • Allow customers to share the power they generate for the best price within the communal network
  • Source new kinds of renewable and sustainable power generator (such as Waste-to-Energy/ biomass  incineration methods)


What Makes PowerEdge Unique

  • Our standard export power tariff of 14.37cents per kWh (12.5 cents + GST)
  • Communal network – PowerEdge offers customer-owned networks that allow power sharing, solar sharing and EV charger sharing
  • No binding contract for standard contracts
  • Free upgrades for smart power meters (bar Counties Network)