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Ethical Power - Power Packages for Renewable Energy Sources.

It’s all started, when the founders of Power Edge were running a solar energy business since 1995.


As the years gone by, the attitude of the Power Industry changed to the worse towards our customers.

Our customers invested significant amounts of money in renewable energy were now offered only 7c to 8c for the power they export to the grid. Some line companies started enforcing solar-tax and our customers were even asked to pay for the metering equipment upgrade.

The motivation of establishing Power Edge was simple: Better packages for renewable power generating customers; solar; wind; micro hydro and bioenergy.

As tier-one supplier, Power Edge trades the power directly with the market, purchasing and on-selling the power to our customers at low rates, and buying the power from our customers at the best possible rate.
We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Our Vision

  • To complement the current traditional electricity generation and distribution methods with new ones creating sustainable and cost effective solutions for our partners
  • 100% of our power is generated sustainably.
  • Apply communal network, allowing customers to share their power production for a better price.
  • Source innovative renewable power generators such as Waste to Energy.


What Makes Power Edge Unique

  • Standard export power tariff of 14.37c per kWh (12.5c + GST)
  • Communal Network – we offer customer-owned-networks to allow power sharing, solar sharing and EV chargers sharing
  • No binding contracts for standard contracts
  • Free upgrade of smart power meters (except for Counties Network)